Music and Consciousness
a Conversation with Christian Kyriacou

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres.”
— Pythagoras

I become aware of a misty haze of moving energy swirls before my eyes, hearing discordant notes in the air as if an orchestra is tuning-up. As my vision fades into another dimension, I feel inexplicably drawn deeper into the soul of the house.

My perception of the unseen world of buildings enables me to hear the whispers of sounds that make up the magic of music. From this elusive place, the emotion and beauty of the sacred weave manifests as composition, its harmonic proportion and geometry reflecting all that has gone on in that space. – Christian Kyriacou

The Alchemy Café: When did your interest in music begin?

Christian Kyriacou: At 8 years old when I started piano lessons.

AC: What instrument in particular, where you drawn to and why?

Christian Kyriacou: The Piano as it was attractive and my parents were keen on it. They bought a mini Grand, which we still have in the same room some 55 years later.

AC: When did you realize that you could compose music?

Christian Kyriacou: Soon after starting to learn, so at around 9 years old. My brother and I started making guitars at around that time also and playing and composing guitar and piano compositions of which I have some of the original rough cut recordings.

AC: What happens when music is “played” through you? Kind of like we see in the video clip. Do you hear it first in your head, or do you just start playing?

Christian Kyriacou: I touch an instrument and pluck or hit a piano key, listen, then a resonance starts in the air and the composition starts to dance in space and I follow the sound, often felt as shapes in the air.
On the day of when the video was filmed, I was walking around the house, in the room soaking up the emotions of the space and the times gone by lingering in the air and in the artifacts, the history of all those who have walked through the rooms. I then just touch the keys and follow the replay of those emotions.

AC: Did you ever get the feeling that you were a musician in a past life and that you were just “recognizing” music that you’ve played before?

Christian Kyriacou: I do not recall past lives in music as I do with other life events. I do sense that I was involved with music, harmonics and geometry in many lives both in the Cathedrals and monasteries, as these spaces and the chanting send chills of recognition through me.

AC: What is the relationship between music and geometry or more specifically, sacred geometry?

Christian Kyriacou: Simply number, which is the language of the universe. All music can be measured by number, then number into geometry and shapes ending in 3-Dimensional forms as we see in plants and indeed sacred buildings.

AC: Describe the effect music can have a in a space from a vibration/energetic perspective. It is known that music can be used for healing- how does that work?

Christian Kyriacou: All music which heals is to do with re-minding us of our original perfect blueprint code. Our perfection is forgotten with life events and when we forget who we truly are, our geometry and harmonics in our cellular structure begins to disintegrate and fragment and thus allowing illness to lock in.

AC: How do you feel music is related to Consciousness?

Christian Kyriacou: Music is harmony and the consciousness of all creatures in this universe are subject to the same harmonic laws. So in a way there is no difference, consciousness is music expressed in a form which our ears can perceive.

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