the alchemy of seasons, cycles & rituals

As human beings we both emit and respond to vibrational energy around us. There are certain cycles we are aware of such as the phases of the moon, changes in seasons and even things like how daylight savings time affects us. Most of us are unaware of why and how these cycles have an impact on us but by tuning into this energy, we can both enhance the benefits and lessen the more intense effects. Rituals use energy in a different way. We are deliberately setting an intention to cause a vibrational shift for a desired outcome, even if that means a few minutes of being completely present to our surroundings. In this section we will explore the many ways we can utilize the knowledge of these natural cycles.

Creating Alchemy with the ritual of Tea

Creating Alchemy with the ritual of Tea

When we imagine a person nestled up in a big comfortable chair, hands curled around a hot mug of tea, with a cozy blanket gazing outside a window, it evokes feelings of rest, reflection and contemplation.

More often than not, we grab a cup of coffee or tea in between activities in order to “fuel” us for the next task. We think we are taking a break, but our mind never stops. We live in a “to-go” age where we want everything packaged to take with us so we can get right back to what we were doing or get to the next thing.

Few people think of making a cup of tea as having a spiritual component. You put some water in a kettle, turn on the heat, throw a tea bag in a mug and wait till the water boils while checking your email. Making a cup of tea presents an opportunity to stop and reconnect to our soul’s whisperings.

Alchemy can be created while making a pot of tea, causing the transformation of spirit, bringing one back to the present and at the same time honoring all the elements of our physical world. The ritual of ceremonies goes back hundreds of years and differs from culture to culture, but the intention is the same; the invocation of a sacred moment.

One of the reasons why making tea can be such a magical experience is that it involves all the elements of physical world: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. By noticing and appreciating each element in the process of making tea, you are then reconnected back to each of them.

Earth is of course the tea, leaves, flowers, herbs and spices that might be involved in the tea blend.

Water is element that infuses the earthly components into a brew.

Fire is the heat that brings the water to the temperature to release the botanicals and leaves.

Air is represented by fragrant vapors released from the steam.

When you combine the four elements you actually honor the fifth element, which is Spirit, Source or Universal energy which created the other four.


The Alchemy Experience:

  • Intend to allow 15 minutes for your tea experience.
  • Select your tea and tea ware. It is a good idea to use accessories that you enjoy looking at and holding as this will add to the sacred experience.
  • Identify a comfortable place for you to enjoy your tea ritual. This is actually a form of meditation so give yourself this time to be fully present.
  • If you would like to add other meaningful sacred objects such as incense, candles or crystals you can do so.
  • Steeping the tea. Pour your boiling water over the tea. While the tea is steeping, use this opportunity to focus on your breathing and observe the breath going in, pause, and releasing.
  • Once the tea is ready, take your cup to your comfortable spot and begin your magic journey.
  • As you begin to sip the tea, notice the aromas and the taste. As you watch the steam slip slowly from the cup, use that time to notice your surroundings.
  • With each sip, use that as an opportunity to show appreciation for some area of your life. Start with giving gratitude for this quiet meditative moment. In between sips, focus on your breathing and the stillness around you.
  • When you have finished your tea if you so desire, you may bring the leaves/empty the bag back to the earth by releasing in the dirt.

You have now shifted your vibration to one of gratitude and appreciation, one of the highest vibratory states.

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