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All food has a vibration, but how often do we consider that when choosing what to eat? Sure, we are striving to eat healthier and choose foods that are as close to their natural state as possible with all of the genetic engineering going on, but I am talking about a much deeper awareness and practice. The vibrational energy of what we are eating, where the food is sourced from including everything from the soil it is grown in to the way the animals are treated before and during slaughter. The additives to our food and how it affects us from a physical health perspective as well as energetically. In the area of conscious consumption, are we preparing our meals (which will ultimately become part of us!) with love and appreciation for that which is available to us and has “sacrificed” it’s life so that we may eat? What are the best ways to fuel our bodies which also are best for the planet? An important topic on so many levels.

Food Energetics and Conscious Evolution

Food Energetics and Conscious Evolution

The frequency of your food matters

Are your food choices changing? Do you find you don’t feel so good eating the foods that you used to love? Particularly refined carbohydrate based foods like bread, cakes and pastries?

Perhaps you are no longer drawn to eat meat or are exploring a new approach in your eating experience… we all want to feel more healthy, vibrant and alive to life. Raw Food, Vegan, Superfood Smoothies and even Paleo are all coming to the fore with specialist cookbooks and even ‘no cook’ books and a small but growing number of independent ‘gourmet’ eateries opening, catering for a growing tribe who are seeking higher frequency nutrition.

Why is this so?

Over the past 15 years our choices of food have changed. It is particularly noticeable amongst those of us interested in conscious evolution for both ourselves and our connection to the earth, bringing an awareness of what mass scale food production means by way of nutrition and the constant pouring in of chemicals into the ground and and ultimately the waterways.

There is has also been a change in access to information of what is actually in the high processed foods that line the supermarket shelves, a slow dawning for many that the words ‘You are what you eat’ has a truth and many of the diseases experienced in society today are directly as a result of lack of nutrients and vital life force in the food consumed. Fast food and sodas have little nutritional value. Calories alone don’t make for a balanced diet!

Thankfully we have seen an increasing movement to mainstream availability of organic and healthy foods with actual life force to them and many more stores now specializing in foods that support a more healthy approach to nutrition.

Why eat fresh and organic?yobaba-salad

So many people are now more energy aware and recognise that all living things contain Prana/life force/chi/qi. This Prana or vital life force is brought into the body through the quality of the air we breathe, the sunlight and the frequency of the water and foods we consume. The body is really an Alchemical pot transforming those ingested substances into fuel for the healthy maintenance of the physical body and our overall energy for Life.

A quick look along the fruit and vegetable shelves in the store can bring joy just by the incredible array of colours and the feeling of vitality in the air alone. When we take that goodness home and create fresh nutritious food for ourselves not only are we providing our bodies with the vital nutrients of life, we are honouring ourselves and our bodies, plus of course, the loved ones we share our food with.

Evolutionary shift

Those of us with awareness of the intensity of the consciousness shift in these current times have also observed this within our daily eating patterns.

Are you finding you are feeling the need to eat less, but more nutrient dense foods? Experiencing food fads and being intensely drawn to say avocados, certain nuts or seeds and fruits as the body works to recalibrate and maintain it’s equilibrium with vitamins and minerals? This is largely due to the changes in Solar flares, Sun Spot activity and the vibrational frequency of the CME’s. There is also a change in the Schumann frequency of the earth which affecting those of us who are ‘sensitives’ and ‘empaths’.

We are certainly in ‘interesting times’ and working with these changes is essential to prevent pain and discomfort. We are energy and made of the substance of the earth. The more time we are able to spend in nature and take time to nourish and care for our bodies with high frequency foods, the more at ease and flow we are with life. So choose with care, choose with LOVE.

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