astrology, numerology & the cosmic connection

I really couldn’t create a website dedicated to expanding consciousness without addressing the areas of astrology, numerology and other planetary and Universal laws. All life begins with this and continues on into the future. There are so many influences and ways of interpreting this information that I invite all perspectives in discussing how we can best make use of this knowledge and work with the elements for our greater understanding.

a conversation with psychic numerologist, dale spencer weeks



Dale has a gift of divination and understanding of the spiritual nature of number vibrations which has transformed into clairvoyance. His readings not only involve the fundamentals of numerology, but he is able “see” spirit guides, see and hear messages from love ones who have past, insights into future and present events involving family, career, and health became clear in his “sight”. One of his clients affectionately labeled him a “seer” and a “wizard”.

Dale has been able to meld his psychic gifts with his deep understanding of numbers and their influences in our existence, to offer a truly unique” Life Reading”. His readings are two hour live voice recordings, “My Voice To Your Ears” where clients are able to download the reading to their computer or any other device, which allows them to listen repeatedly over the years.
Then a very in depth one-two hour psychic follow- up session by phone or in person is conducted. His mission is to help place “more light upon your path”. He says, “I am not the light! Like you I am “of” the light. I am a conduit of psychic and clairvoyant”.

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