One-On-One Conscious Alignment Coaching with Laura

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How cool would it be to be able to create what you want you life to be regardless of the past? To be able to shift those past limiting beliefs and create ones that actually serve you?

One of the most powerful ways of making lasting changes in your life is the identifying and rewriting limiting beliefs through one on one coaching. When being asked the questions that start the process of inquiry, clarity becomes crystal clear. I have always felt my natural gift and purpose was to help reveal and give clarity to that which others cannot always see.

In one on one coaching, I help facilitate the process for you to:

  • Identify, challenge and rewrite beliefs that don’t serve you.
  • Understand how to use your emotional guidance system to get in vibrational alignment to what you desire.
  • Gain more clarity on what you really want and get intentional about having it.
  • Learning to shift your attention from problem to solution, which dissolves fear and doubt.
  • Become aware of the story you are telling which is keeping you stuck and help you create a new one.
  • Learn to identity and let go of resistance, which keeps you frustrated and stuck.
  • Shift your focus from what is, to what you really want and map out a plan to get you there.


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Is conscious alignment coaching for you?

  • Are you open-minded, have a strong desire to change or shift an area of your life?
  • Are you willing to focus less on your present  reality and more on what you really want?
  • Have you done some prior inner work on yourself even if that means reading every self-help book in the bookstore?
  • Do you have desires and dreams for your life and don’t know why you can’t get there?
  • Are you willing to let go of your “story” and create a new one that gives you the life you want?
  • Are you lacking clarity on what it is that will make you happy or satisfied and spend most of your time focused on what you don’t have?
  • Are you willing to embrace fun, joy and self care as a daily priority?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, I’d love to work with you.

Vision Alignment Session – 90 minutes $250

  • A recording of the session will be provided.
  • Written recap of highlights as well as alignment plan discussed.

3 Month Vibrational Shift Coaching Package (12 Hour long sessions) $1800

  • (12) 1-hour calls –  3 month period
  • Recording of all calls provided
  • Full email support as needed
  • Written recap of highlights as well as alignment for the week

6 Month Conscious Alignment Coaching Package (24 hour long sessions) $3600

  • (24) 1-hour calls – 6 month period
  • Recording of all calls provided
  • Full email support as needed
  • Written recap of highlights as well a alignment for the week.
  • Free admission to the LOA/Conscious Alignment Mastermind Group

Payment plans are available.

Ready to roll? Have questions? Please send me an email at 


I was looking for a visualization coach, Googled some search terms, and came across Laura. I was apprehensive at first, both on the journey I was about to embark on, and on trusting someone I had never met to guide me. We set up an initial call and I immediately felt Laura’s passion for the subject and for helping her clients achieve their goals. Four months later, I give Laura all the credit for selling my business. She worked with me to articulate what I wanted to happen. We then focused on visualization techniques to begin to shift my thinking from desire to belief. I eventually got to the point where I was 100% certain that my business would sell in the timeline I designated, for the amount I wanted, with a buyer I envisioned – long before it actually happened. And it happened. – Kassandra, D.C

Laura’s “Improving Your Relationship with Money” class gave me the tools and inspiration to better understand how to shift my alignment so I can create what you desire. I love the richness of information that Laura provides. It’s layered so you can take what you need now and then go in more depth later if you want to make more changes. Laura has a unique way of presenting the Law of Attraction that resonates with me…it empowers me knowing that I can really change things in my life. I highly recommend Laura’s classes and coaching! – Sandy B. Boulder, CO

In our coaching sessions, Laura helped me to get a clearer picture of how I was getting in the way of receiving this big thing I’ve long been wanting (to become a life coach).  I appreciated that she listened as I described all the obstacles I was facing, and then showed me how to soften my thoughts about them.  She talked with me about what obstacles often mean in a way that resonated with me.  She gave me very practical suggestions to turn my thinking around, and to have more appreciation for where I was at. I easily put all of her suggestions into practice.  Just three months later all obstacles evaporated as if by magic.  I was accepted into my first choice coaching program, with funding, and with my family’s complete support.  What a different place I am in today!  Laura helped me achieve a miracle. – Laura G-L, New York

I really enjoyed Laura’s Tele-Course: 30 days to Vibrational Alignment.  Laura provided a number of new perspectives about aligning with money and manifesting in general, as well as providing tools to empower myself.  I was not shocked that within a week of focus and performing most of the daily processes that I started to manifest things that were evidence that I was on the right track. Laura gives you awesome material as your foundation and works with you to use the material in a way that feels good, to your advantage, and highest good.  I highly recommend this course for any one particular topic that you are feeling stuck on, to see and feel movement and shift within yourself.  Where you are successful on one topic, you will be easily able to transfer the material and tools to any topic you desire, and be successful. – Greg, Amsterdam

“While coaching with Laura, I experienced some extraordinary results.  She was helping me work on issues that I had been dealing with for over 20 years, ones that I have felt totally stuck about and unable to change even though I believed I wanted to change them.  Laura asked me some critical questions that helped me to view my challenge from other angles and possibilities.  Soon, there was an openness and space within me that was able to move and change- I was unstuck!   Further, what made the coaching process so unique was the subtle way that huge transformation occurred.  Sometimes I didn’t even feel like much was changing at all, yet within 3 months I had experienced awesome growth that enabled me to continue transforming and changing in amazing directions, even after we stopped working together.  Laura is a fabulous coach that really helped me to think outside my own box and to new ways of solving my challenges.”  – Beth, New York

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