The Cafe

“the answer lies in the question…and the conversation starts the inquiry”
– the alchemy café.


I imagined a place where like-minded people could hangout and talk about the meaning of life, the ways of the Universe and why it all matters. I imagined those people gathering around tables discussing all the elements that make up a conscious life while sipping warm delicious beverages. I imagined a place where the environment was so inviting they wanted to come back every day.

The Alchemy Café is that place. Where conscious conversations are created. It’s a sacred space, a discussion forum and a platform that fuses my passion and interests about the world beyond what can be seen, exploring where science meets spirituality, while connecting people globally to share information with those who are like-minded. It is a place that enables members to have access to resources to expand their consciousness and gain knowledge on how to improve the quality of life and fulfill their life’s potential, while satisfying their curiosity.

alchemy: the transformation of your journey through conscious conversation.


The Alchemy Cafe was conceived as a platform for both members and contributors to receive value. Contributors would have a space to showcase their work and help grow their individual businesses and members would have access to leading edge information. The vision is a collaborated effort where many different perspectives and points of view could be shared on a specific topic. I am bringing together experts and professionals in the areas of rituals and spirituality, energy awareness and alignment, animal communication and healing, meditation, aromatherapy, space clearing, the energy of food, mind/body awareness, law of attraction and deliberation creation, and the latest in neuroscience among others.


There are Mastermind Groups, Workshops and E-Courses, Interviews and Panel Discussions, as well as original blogs and articles, books and audio recordings. I will be offering a Law of Attraction Q & A Forum as well as private coaching consultations.

The overall objective of The Alchemy Cafe is to have a global impact on expanding consciousness by engaging the individual. As someone who has worked in the Self Help arena for a number of years, I have realized the concept behind self-help and what it implies doesn’t serve our highest good. If we feel we must “fix” something, the focus will be on what’s wrong as opposed to how we can open up to the fullest version of ourselves and embrace all that we are by living more consciously. This in turn has a ripple effect and will affect the whole planet by starting with the individual.


The Alchemy Café is an ever-evolving conversation about all the elements that create a conscious life.

the alchemy cafe